Corporate events

Corporate Events are an integral and inalienable part of our company’s work and one of the most important instruments of HR-branding. Organizations which understand the importance of these events usually have a reputation an attractive employer, reliable partner and socially responsible business actor.

Conferences, presentations, corporate festivals, teambuilding and trainings, thematic parties and other events held by “Eventation” group of companies are an effective and bright way of creating positive relations within the company’s personnel and formation of firm and reliable partnership network.

As a uniquely integrated events agency, “Eventation” specializes in event production, creative design and live communications. Working within the corporate event sector we have a strong reputation for delivering compelling live experiences with genuine impact.

“Eventation” has the know-how, experience, and talent to handle any kind or size of event you can possibly imagine. As a full service event agency we translate ideas into experiences through combining stunning creative, compelling content and solid production expertise, from inception to delivery.

Our creativity and resources run deep, so your event will be memorable and affordable. We own our own equipment. We maintain strong industry relationships. And we’ll handle everything for you seamlessly without fuss or you can relax and have as much fun at your event as your guests will.


BP Partners Corporate Event


April 25, 2012

Впервые корпоративное мероприятие в неформальной обстановке проводилось в музее Урании Большого Планетария Москвы.
Общее количество гостей: 300 человек – prime-менеджеры ведущих нефтяных компаний «Сибур», «Лукойл», «ТНК», «Башнефть», металлургической компании «Мечел» и многие другие.
На мероприятии выступила легендарная группа «Квартал».
В рамках мероприятия была успешно разработана концепция светового и звукового решения, предоставлено и смонтировано оборудование, подобран профессиональный персонал, согласован райдер артистов

New Audi Q3 Presentation


December 7, 2011