DIMMU BORGIR, the most popular black-metal formation in the world, is coming back to Russia with their new and powerful album "Eonian" after 8 years of strained silence with a fantastic amount of strength to comemorate their 25 year anniversary.

DIMMU BORGIR is a band born in 1993 in the very heart of Norwegian black-metal stage, free from genre borders and bravely combining traditional black metal with rich symphonic sounds in their music. At the start of their music path they recommended themselves as pioneers of their genre, but after making 9 full format albums they secured the title of the most influential black-metal formation in the world!

In September 2018 DIMMU BORGIR, one of the best-known representatives of the black-metal genre are coming back to Russia to celebrate their 25-year anniversary, present their 10th new long hoped-for album and play the best songs in the band's history.